The Importance of Being Bounded

It’s a matter of mathematical logic. There were mentally ill people in my family, on the maternal side, to be exact. The destruction of the whole branch had to follow as a matter of course. I started my job at the time of the famous meal, but never got a chance to finish it. – André Bloch.

This entry is just a link to a short story that I wrote in 2007, about lucid dreams, nightmares, math, the imposter syndrome, referees, and mental illness.

Here it is: The Importance of Being Bounded.
Este escrito está también disponible en castellano: La Importancia de Estar Acotado.

An excerpt:

The old man in the white garments was getting closer but I could not move, not a muscle. I could hear his steps in the living room, slowly approaching the door to my bedroom where, in bed and unable to move, I was hopelessly waiting for him. Then he said it again — did you prove it yet? — and a second time, with the scornful tone and the thick German accent that I had heard so many times before. I was terrified but I could not open my mouth. He had come to visit me many times in the past and none of them with good intentions. Finally, he stood in the doorway of the bedroom and said did you prove it… and after an uncomfortable pause he said the unavoidable “yet?” with a sarcastic smile, almost devilish, on his familiar yet unrecognizable face.

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