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Stories about mathematics, students, professors, mathematicians, abstract nonsense, research, papers, publishing, and academia.

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A Mathematician’s Logbook During a Pandemic

Inspired by a blog post by Anthony Bonato, I decided to write my own account of a mathematician’s life during the Covid-19 pandemic, in the form of a logbook, narrating from my 0-th up to my 60-th day of social isolation and partial house confinement.

The Importance of Being Bounded

This entry is just a link to a short story that I wrote in 2007, about lucid dreams, nightmares, math, the imposter syndrome, referees, and mental illness. (También disponible en castellano!)

A Mathematician’s Love Letter to Birders

Dear birders, you are most likely unaware that birders and mathematicians have so much in common. It is a little known fact that birding and mathematics research are long lost cousins… so mathematicians, meet birders; birders, meet mathematicians — you are all cut from the same cloth.

About Me

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Connecticut. My research focuses on arithmetic geometry, which is at the cross roads of number theory and algebraic geometry.

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